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Angola National Police

1 Problem

  • Wide variety of documents in different formats (text, photo and video) that require specific treatment;
  • Need to have shared real-time access to a constantly updated catalog, with accurate documentation;
  • Need to share parliamentary information (including videos);
  • Need to ensure the maintenance of the application in a simple and effective way, without the need for installation in each work terminal.

2 Approach

  • Adoption of international standards for archival description (ISAD-G, MPEG-7);
  • Implementation of an integrated solutions tailored to the Customer's work methodology;
  • Implementation of client-server web based solution;
  • Creation of two applications: one for managing the catalog and other for sharing information with the open public.

3 Solution

  • Integrated Management System for the Parliamentary Archive, for managing different document types:
    • Parliamentary Debates Archive;
    • Documental Archive;
    • Photographic Archive;
    • Audiovisual Archive.
  • Integrated Cataloging Solutions with a search interface for external users;
  • Web Solution, which facilitates the maintenance of the application, avoiding the need for individual installation of new software versions
  • Web Solution whose model makes management applications accessible to all Intranet users.



The Photographic Archive includes a cataloging module, which allows the platform to be internally managemed by the DRCN. It also has a search interface open to the public, where albums and photographs of the national heritage can be browsed and searched for.


The document management platform allowed replacing manual processes for recording and managing documentation, enabling greater control of records and a faster search and retrieval. This restricted access web solution also provides reporting and statistical functionalities.